Antonio Gardoni

Collections Marmo, Bold, Marmo + Marmo Elle


Born in 1972 in Brescia and graduated in Architecture in Venice in 1997, after many work experiences abroad, he created his architectural agency AG Studio in 2004, where he is specialized in interior architecture, but also in graphic and product design, communication and art direction. Its customers include Redbull, Nike, Google, Levi’s, IB Rubinetti and Lever Faberger. He is also the creator of the Bogue-Profumo brand, for the design, production and distribution of artistic perfumes.

What does water represent for you?

Water is time, the present and the infinite. The one you touch in the rivers is the last of the one that went away and the first of the one that is to come, wrote Leonardo da Vinci, and so is the present time. The water resists and takes the shape of the place where it is deposited. I quenched my thirst because I was lucky to have it and I cleaned my hands, refreshed my wrists. I float with the sun in my eyes.

Your favorite IB product?

The “MARMO” collection tells about the springs in the rocks and how man tries to tame the water with the technique and the wonder.

What does Design represent / or should represent?

Design is a thought, the democratic thought of a hand that touches beauty.

The ingredients that are never lacking in your way of designing?

I project knowing the possibility of doubt, the pleasure of research, the time for reflection and the instinct of matter that seeks its own form.

Do you consider yourself more of a traveler or a reader of reality?

I read on the train.

Do you have any reference models? Who inspires you? (designer, artist or musician)?

It inspires me to see how people without preconceptions (children) move in space, enter into relationship and use things differently. Moondog was a blind street musician who invented the of him musical instruments and let the noise of the traffic overlap with his music.

What is it like to work with IB?

The father invents solutions with his hands, the mother does the math, one son organizes the production and the other he is an ambassador of the know-how of this family. Imagining and making a project true in IB is a a journey that takes place with passionate and competent people, quick in knowing how to imagine and walk in time.

The faucet is the latest complement to the bathroom that is chosen despite being the one with which we interact every day, have you been influenced by this factor?

It influenced me to think of all the time that bathroom taps go by without meeting hands that open them, their clear presence and their technical soul. I like to think I have imagined taps that make them want to build bathrooms around them and taps they can find placed in rooms that have always existed.