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IB arrives at MILANO DESIGN WEEK with two new collections, PURO the collection of kitchen purifiers and YESPLEASE! the new collection of faucets that you just can't resist.

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PURO: the kitchen mixer with a filtering system that combines performance and design

With Puro, IB enters the sector as a protagonist, carrying its trademark: design and technological innovation for a product destined to leave its mark above all towards a target that, in addition to functionality, wants the top construction quality.

Puro, Puro+ e Puro Pro are the 3 systems of the collection.

The single-hole basic version for dispensing pure water with a filter capable of eliminating 99% of impurities; the + model which adds the possibility of obtaining cold and sparkling water through a single mixer and a dedicated knob and the CO2 cylinder; and finally the Pro version with the same features as the + in an even more exclusive design.


Simple and thin lines for your bathroom: YesPlease!

The most characterizing element of the collection is beyond any doubt the lever: slim, intuitive and new, unlike any other.
Once again the function identifies with the form and simplicity becomes innovation, leading it to immerse itself in the tap creating a new, elegant and intuitive shape. Once again and more and more sinuous shapes alternate with strong lines, as per our tradition, to create a balance capable of being unique and immediate at the same time, ready to lead us to the only possible answer: YesPlease!

AT MDW 2022


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