The spontaneous downpour of a small domestic waterfall.

To love means, first and foremost, to take care of oneself, starting from our daily home life. The LoveMe collection enhances the free flow of water by replacing the directed jet with the spontaneous downpour of a small domestic waterfall. The water flows in a soft and natural outflow, like spouting directly from its source, thus combining aesthetic purity and genuine authenticity.


Lead free

Zinc free



"LoveMe tell about my way of understanding design: narrative, simple, but also valuable and stimulating. Design must simultaneously create desires and satisfy functions. I find the English concept of "understatement" fascinating: the essence rather than the appearance, a low-key quality. Thus LoveMe alludes to the more abstract concept of self-care through the pleasure of a small waterfall, a synonym for life. This collection, which is the one that gave me the biggest satisfaction and that gave birth to a new way of designing faucets. In hindsight, I think that LoveMe is timeless."

DURANTI's interview