316 PROGRAM, our innovative
interpretation of stainless steel.

316 Program is an innovative line of stainless steel products that marks a new chapter in IB's history. IB has always been distinguished by its design approach in the world of bathroom, especially in faucets, pioneering the introduction of innovative shapes and functionalities that have influenced new trends. Today, IB continues this tradition by shaping a material synonymous with rigor, cleanliness, and quality.

In the 316 Program, the extraordinary new collections designed by OSMO find space: Cake and Totem.



The project ventures into the territory of material potential, where points and lines converge to redefine conventional forms, elevating them in homage to graphic design. The shape of the faucet creates a geometric spiral that, interacting with light, generates radial shades on the lever, thus transforming its functionality into a dynamic and engaging visual experience.



The project focuses on exploring the interaction of forms, with particular attention to creating designs that are not only essential but also iconic, transcending mere functional purposes to become true elements of visual recognition. Inspiration from the simple and iconic forms of totems is manifested through elements that appear as objects in balance with each other, evoking a sense of stability and harmony. The material is enhanced by the simple forms, highlighting the concentricity dictated by the turning on the lever and giving the faucet a distinctive and fascinating visual presence.

The 316 Program, which includes these two new collections, will be previewed during MDW24 at the IB MILANO showroom, Metroquality space, and will soon be available in the product catalog.


OSMO is a team of designers, art directors, strategists and innovation enthusiasts working on brand, product and experience design projects questioning the status quo and building culture relationships and value. OSMO is the natural evolution of three independent studios sharing values, a vision and the will to always look for new challenges, grounded by a design thinking oriented approach. The studio works with Italian and international brands that share the wish to evolve and contribute to create meaningful and future proof projects.


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