The brilliant way to think about water.

IB BOX is a universal water mixing system, ready to transform the traditional way of imagining the filled the wall and adaptable to any IB Rubinetti collection, for faucets or showers, it guarantees thin and light appliances and an absolute and immediate creative freedom.

A handy and intuitive system, allowing the maximum perfrate science and an easy iplementation during assembly.


Quick installation
Set up in just a few simple steps, it acts as a universal link for the connection to the hydraulic system.

A unique product, of minimal dimensions and easy to install, which will make the bathroom design practical and fast.

The best safety standards are respected, in order to guarantee an efficient and reliable product.

The intuitive device installation provides, in just a few simple steps, a ready-to-use connection support.

Easy maintanance
The single and compact structure ensures a convenient and rapid maintenance of the system.

Immediate availability
The universal system allows to keep a single body in stock for all collections, thus optimizing storage space and ensuring versatility in distribution.