Federico Castelli

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Graduated in Industrial Design, Federico Castelli began his profession in 2006 by collaborating with several design studios. In 2016 he founded his homonymous agency, specializing in numerous branches of design, from product to graphic design, from interior design to installations, claiming various collaborations with IB Rubinetti, Max Mara, Innova energie. At the centre of each project is the aesthetic element, not as an absolute ideal, but rather as the result of a dedicated and consistent work.

What were the criteria that you followed or that inspired you in choosing the shape?

MARBLE: The general idea was to design a tap that had a base, which could give, not the idea of ​​being fitted, but the idea of ​​being supported. Everything else came as a consequence: the marble had to give the sense of supporting the weight of the tap while the spout is inspired by the pipe, a simpler concept of water carrier.

TAAAC: Inspired by the technological devices (the Apple watch had just come out) that we carry in our pockets every day and that accompany us throughout our day with their square but rounded and gentle shapes.

BOLD: I wanted to evoke the archetype of the faucet, the lever and the handle, emphasizing the industrial style so that it was easy to interpret but with decisive and strong connotations.

What do your products tell about you?

Versatility, I do not consider myself a person strongly attached to specific concepts, but very fickle. This means, every day, that I can approach the project in a very different way, as demonstrated by my projects with very different form and language assumptions.

What does Design represent / should represent for you?

The design first of all represents the consequent predisposition to the need to solve existing problems. I perceive it as a disposition, that ability to go beyond the existing and find a new meaning to the reality that surrounds us.

What is the next object you would like to design?

There are many but in particular a bracelet.

Do you consider yourself more of a traveler or a reader of reality?

In reality it depends, sometimes extremely traveler and sometimes extremely reader.
If I have to take stock, however, I consider myself much more a reader of reality.

Your secret dream?

I hope to leave something on this world, make sure that my presence on earth is substantiated in something also useful for something and for someone.

What is it like to work with IB?

It is very nice because from the first moment the desire is to immediately break the waters without superstructures, it is a company structured around a family whose members have very different and precise personalities and roles. So collaborating and designing with them means adding yourself in a totally free, autonomous way to the project with your own characteristics and ideas that are listened to and respected as one of the family.

The faucet is the latest complement to the bathroom that is chosen despite being the one we interact with every day, have you been influenced by this factor?

Absolutely, in fact, marble wants to be exactly the starting point of a “bathroom project” given the particularity of its shape and materials. With marble I try to question this path and put the faucet as the protagonist in the choice of the bathroom.