Giulio Iacchetti

Collections Batlò, Drop


Industrial designer since 1992, Giulio Iacchetti works with well-known national brands, including Alessi, Fontana Arte and Pandora design. Acknowledged for his ability to define new object types, his design research earned him multiple recognitions. Granted two Compasso d’Oro Awards in 2001 and 2014, he was also the recipient of the 2009 Innovation Awards and, in the same year, was honoured by the Milan Triennale with a solo exhibition entitled “Disobedient Objects”.

What were the criteria that you followed or that inspired you in choosing the shape?

The reference is always the archetype, the shape of the bottle (natural water dispenser) and the shape of the drop: one of the most beautiful things designed by Mother Nature.

What do your products tell about you?

I like the idea that looking at the objects I design it is easy to bring them back to the function they are called to perform.

The ingredients that are never lacking in your way of designing?

The synthesis of form, function and emotion.

Talking about design today, especially in Italy almost always means dealing with tradition. What about your creativity usually connects with tradition?

Tradition derives from the verb “to betray” or to go further, to take the project beyond the boundaries of what is considered classic and changeable. The best homage that can be paid to tradition is therefore not to consider it as an inhibitor to think other and beyond...

What is the next object you would like to design?

An electric bass.

Do you have any reference models? Who inspires you? (designer, artist or musician)

My teachers are called Enzo Mari, Aldo Rossi, Denis Santachiara, Alberto Meda, Riccardo Blumer and Marco Ferreri.

What is it like to work with IB?

It is a story of courageous people who want to go further with stubbornness and pride. For them I designed the logo which metaphorically is a blue island, an island that marks a defense boundary of made in Italy, of wanting to work with young and promising designers, to create a unique and original collection of taps.