Pierattelli Architetture

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Eclecticism, research and change are the cornerstones of the work of Pierattelli Architetture, studio founded in the '80s in Florence by Massimo Pierattelli. Each architecture and each product are conceived as a sartorial gesture created not only with the client in mind but also in consideration of the context for which they are destined. Reinterpreting the past and imagining the future become, therefore, the main foundations of Pierattelli Architetture's works. The studio, with its almost forty years of experience, has produced projects ranging from management centers to large infrastructures, from hotellerie to housing, from industrial spaces to design. Among these: the Arval headquarters in Scandicci (Florence), the Learning Center and the Auditorium and Turbine Building for GE Oil & Gas in Florence.

What are the ingredients that are never lacking in your way of designing?

Paper, pencil and creative thinking. Every project, whether large or small, must always start from the hands and the heart while passion encourages us to continue designing until we reach the synthesis between form and function in an innovative and unconventional way.

Do you have any reference models? Who inspires you? (Architect, designer, artist or musician)

Undoubtedly Renzo Piano in architecture: the careful interpretation of the place and its contextualization show that projects do not come from nothing but the environment itself always helps you find the right path.
In product design instead Piero Lissoni for the cleanliness of the gesture and the almost ethereal balance of his products.

What does water represent for you?

Resilience and great strength, the ability of water to adapt to any path and container is a source of inspiration. With perseverance and method, any obstacle can be overcome despite the adversities that may be encountered along the way.

What is the next object you would like to design?

Extend the Reflex family to the world of the kitchen and who knows maybe even decline it for some bathroom furniture object.

Do you consider yourself more of a traveler or a reader of reality?

The architect is by definition a traveler, both figuratively and literally, and we fully return to it.
As architects we are very inclined to travel with the mind imagining ideas for new projects or solutions for everyday problems and at the same time we do not waste time in increasing our cultural and professional baggage by traveling as soon as possible, learning about new realities and cultures, be they these close to us or beyond national borders.

What were the criteria that you followed or that inspired you in choosing the shape of Reflex?

In this frenetic world increasingly linked to virtual reality we have tried to take a few steps back, rewind the tape of a few decades, thinking about what the fields were and still are today whose analogue still opposes the generational change. We therefore thought of the world of photography, which is the cornerstone of the idea behind Reflex and hence its shape that recalls a photographic lens in its design and use, an unconventional analog control in the era of banal digital.

What is it like to work with IB?

After years of fruitful collaboration for the supply of our projects, we finally managed to break through the heart of the company by designing a simple and highly innovative product that was immediately welcomed with open arms by the whole IB family.
Working with them is always a great mutual stimulus, the passion that unites us binds us more and more with the passage of time.

The faucet is the latest complement to the bathroom that is chosen despite being the one we interact with every day, have you been influenced by this factor?

We consider taps and fittings to be the cornerstone of a project so much so that within our projects it is almost always one of the first elements that is taken into consideration. We convey to our customers the great importance that there is in bonding for a long time to an object that many take for granted but that presents great complexity and deserves a degree of attention more than many other furnishing accessories, inside and outside the bathroom.