Maurizio Duranti

Collections Belmondo, Belmondo + Belmondo Elle, Kusasi, LoveMe


Born in Florence in 1949, Maurizio Duranti graduated in Architecture at Genoa in 1976, and in this city he opened his first agency until 1987, when he moved to Milan. He works as an architect and, above all, as an Industrial designer, working for numerous companies in the household sector. Many of his designed products are included in international museums collections. He is a ten times winner of the Chicago Good Design Award and he was granted the honourable mention at the Compasso d’Oro in Milan.

Is there a particular story behind the various product names?

There is a story, a metaphor, a reference, an allusion... BELMONDO is a reference to the beautiful world of the 20's and 30's in those luxurious homes with real bathrooms and lots of perfumes.
HEY JOE! it occurred to me late at night, just as I was listening to the Hendrix piece and, the joystick, made me think of the lever on the Fender guitar.
LOVE ME alludes to self-care, to the pleasure of water, of life.
KUSASI was baptized by Andrea Bregoli.

What do your products tell about you?

They tell my way of conceiving Design, narrative, simple but precious and stimulating. Design must create desires as well as satisfy functions. I like the concept of “understatement” as the British define it, that is, being more than appearing, the undertone of quality. In short, it is a mediation between my creativity and the collective imagination.

What does Design represent / or should represent?

As I have already said, Design must bring to light people's imagination translated into forms-functions. Today we buy out of desire rather than out of necessity and Design must arouse and give answers to these desires through an evocative and narrative poetic. An object of good design must be remembered.

The ingredients that are never lacking in your way of designing?

A bit of irony always, then the allusive evocation. But above all formal and technological research.

Do you consider yourself more of a traveler or a reader of reality?

A careful reader of reality. An observer of society and its ways of being. I absorb a lot, everything, the good and the bad and then I also process unconsciously. You can't design for people without immersing yourself in life.

What taps do you have in your bathroom?

The LOVE ME collection which is the one that gave the most satisfaction. It has opened up a new way of conceiving taps.

Your favorite IB product?

When I was in it, it was always the last thought, now, after some time, I think LOVE ME is timeless.